For versatility and precision our waterjet cutters offers superior, state of the art results. Cutting virtually any material with speed and precision is not just lip-service here, but a promise at KustomWaterJet!


Reasons to utilize our services include:


  • Prototypes, production or limited runs on short notice
  • Smooth edges need no secondary processing


  • Utilizing close part nesting assures maximum yield-(no wasted materials)
  • Production directly from any standard CAD file, DXF, IGES or scanned image
  • Raster to Vector conversion
  • Cuts virtually all materials


  • Intricate shapes cut with precision
  • No stresses or heat-affected zones, minimal burrs

Manufacturing highly accurate and detailed machine parts in a multitude of materials and thicknesses is our business. Whatever your needs may be, whether functional or decorative, at KustomWaterJet we’re your one-stop shop for all your material cutting needs.


When planning the overall look and feel of a commercial building, residential home, place of worship or school, design options are now broader than ever before. With the use of waterjet cutting, more colorful and intricate displays are a new reality. Now all can be done with a wider array of materials than with older cutting technologies. Unique design options including artwork, crests and organizational logos and other designer options can now be added to floors, windows and walls. Big or small, KustomWaterJet can help you with all types of projects and add that unique flavor to entry-ways, board rooms, reception areas, and more. We’ll work with you utilizing your established artwork or help you with developing something new.


The waterjet cutting process is computer controlled and uses a CAD operating system to design and cut simple geometric shapes or complex free form pieces of art. What you want done, we can do, and we’ll do it right!

You’ll also be confident in knowing we utilize Flow Path, Flow Cut & Flow Nest software for the most accurate designing and also to reduce waste by maximizing material use, creating common cutting lines between parts delivering additional efficiency and cost savings. We’re also proud to announce we are now utilizing the brand new FLOW I-4800 Integrated Flying Bridge Machine with Dynamic Head and a work envelope of 4’ X 8’.

(We also offer additional CNC machining services)